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Quality is our motto!

We have made quality our habit. It’s not something that we just strive for –
we live by this principle every day. 

shiva supreme cold storage pricing

Our Pricing for Grains, Fruits, Pulses and Spices storage services are customized according to customers requirement & budget.

shiva supreme cold storage dairy products

Get your Dairy products stored in temperature as low as -20℃ to chilled temperature of 0℃ to 5℃,access daily temperature logs.

shiva supreme cold storage powered
shiva supreme cold storage transport

100% uptime guarantee , our cold storage facility is directly connected to power grid and is also backed up with diesel and solar powered generators .

ShivaSupreme Cold Storage is close to Chennai and can get your products delivered on time to wherever you want from our cold storage without any drop in quality of your products.

shiva supreme cold storage offers

Rental Offers

We provide offers on long term and short term rentals.

shiva supreme cold storage pulses grains spices


This is a great place to store your products safely

Dear customers!
This is a small note from us - We have created a wonderful facility to store grains, pulses, dry fruits & milk products. 
The goal is to retain them fresh as much possible so they taste original.


At the end it is both win-win healthy relationships to take forward...

Thank you for choosing us to serve you!

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